Ildefons Maria Höyng

Personal data

Baumstraße 82
41363 Jüchen
Date of Birth: 24 May 1959
Nationality: German
married, three children: Caspar Anselm, Katharina, Fabian.
currently represented by Clara Maria Sels Gallery in Duesseldorf and Kunstvilla Bonn - Bad Godesberg.
1980 - 1985 Bachelor of Arts in Painting
at the National Art Academy of Duesseldorf.
Advisor: Prof. Gerhard Richter
1986 Master of Arts in Painting:
Post Grad Master Student (Meisterschueler)
Advisor: Prof. Gerhard Richter
1980 - 1983 B.A., Philosophy, Aesthetics and Art History
at the Heinrich Heine University of Duesseldorf
and at the National Art Academy of Duesseldorf
Art Related Employment / Teaching Experience
1989 - present
Art Instructor for Oil Painting Classes at the School for the Arts and Drama in Neuss
- Art Director for the Department of the Visual Arts at the
“Kulturforum Alte Post” in Neuss

2009 studio residence at Vernon_ST 361 Los Angeles California, USA

1989 City of Lingen Art Award


Published articles, reviews and catalogues about my work:

  Biografie Kunstverein Lingen 01/1989
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  Katalogtext Kunstverein Lingen - Heiner Schepers 01/1989
  Presseartikel Wiesbadener Tageblatt (newspaper), February 2009
  Presseartikel Neuss - Grevenbroicher Zeitung (newspaper), February 2009
  Presseartikel Kölner Stadtanzeiger vom 04.11.2004
  IHK Magazin (magazine), December 2006
  Texte zum Werkverständnis
  Kult (magazine), February 2008
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